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Guest Information

Guest Information

Welcome to Visalia Country Club. We are a private Member club and only invited guests of our Members may visit. To ensure an enjoyable visit, we respectfully request all visitors follow the Club’s rules and guidelines.


  • Please check in with our pro shop.


  • For those attending a Social or Dining event, please enter the front doors of our Clubhouse and our front desk associate will direct you to your function area.
  • If you are meeting a Member, please in with our front desk associate who will direct you to the correct meeting point upon arrival.

Cell Phone Usage

  • With the exception of emergency use, cell phone conversations may only take place in the patio or 1922 room of the Clubhouse. Please be courteous of our Members and other guests.
  • Silent use of media devices is acceptable throughout our property but we ask that you remain mindful of those around you.

Clubhouse Dress Code & Rules

Tee shirts, baggy or "low-riding" pants, track suit pants/shorts and bathing attire are NOT permitted in the clubhouse or on the patios. Ladies shall wear golf shirts or blouses, and tailored slacks, skirts, or bermuda shorts. Dresses, whether strapless, off-the shoulder, halter, tank-type or spaghetti strap are allowed. Sleeveless blouses are also permitted. Tops with exposed mid-drifts are not allowed. This also applies to children and young adults, with the exception of infants. Children under the age of 18 are NOT permitted in the lounge, patio, or dining room without an adult. 
  • Shirts may be untucked in the lounge and dining room.
  • Denim is allowed in the lounge and dining room, permitting they have NO holes and are not faded/acid wash.
  • Hats are to be removed by men and boys inside the dining room. Hats are allowed in the lounge and must be worn forward.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Golf shoes and sandals are permitted in the dining room, lounge, and patios.
  • Parents are responsible for the conduct and attire of their children.
  • Members are also responsible to ensure their guests adhere to the dress code.
  • Golf spectators may wear denim if not playing.
  • Smoking is ONLY allowed on the lower patio.
The club reserves the right to relax the dress code or specify costume dress for special occasions/themed events. The staff is empowered to monitor the dress code, inform members of infractions, and report repeat infractions to the Board of Directors. We will be more flexible with children at the club's discretion. Please try to have them dressed to the adult dress code standards. Thank you for dressing appropriately; it demonstrates your respect for the club and your fellow members.

On behalf of our Members and Board of Directors, we hope you enjoy your day at The Visalia Country Club!